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who we are

Amani Stone was founded in 2008,holds 200,000 m2 area and 26 production lines, is an outstanding export manufacturer, developer and exporter with 140 people in the Quartz Stone industry.

Our Culture and Advantage:

*AMANI STONE has mature professional R&D department, QC department, Marketing department and Customer service department. All these teams total work together to create new models efficiency.

*AMANI STONE capacity achieve more than 500,000M2 per year. As a pioneer and leading player in the Quartz Stone industry, our brand products have been sold to USA, Brazil, Canada, UK, Italy, Mexico, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Middle East, South Africa, South America country.

*New product researched and developed---during last 8 years, Amani Stone annual turnover has been increased by 30% on the NANO crystallized glass stone .

* Customized / OEM--- Amani stone is also customized for the customers based on the shop drawings provided. The company has own automatic Infra-cutting machine, automatic Sink-Cutting Machine and automatic Edge Polishing Machine are set for manufacturing to highest standard of Kitchen Countertop, Vanity Top, Bar Top, Shelf Top, Table Top and so on for the high-end project

*QC Process

AMANI STONE prides of our quality control. We take our manufacturing seriously and thats why we decided to share just how serious we take it. This level of care and control has not been seen within the industry to date. We do not wish to simply adhere to current standards, but aim to raise it to a new level in the Quartz Community.